Leopard High Back Bucket Seat Covers


These Leopard seat covers will bring your seats to life with its roaring and exciting print. The life-like Leopard pattern will invite you to take a ride through the untamed jungle. They are comfortable to sit on and will maintain a uniform temperature even in the extreme summer heat and severe winter cold. The seat covers in this package are made of soft quilted velour fabric with ¼ inch padding for added comfort in the seating area. The back part of these seat covers is a complimenting stretch polyester material, which allows for greater flexibility and enables the seat covers to more easily conform to the shape of your seat. Let your hair blow in the wind and ride on the untamed side of life, you’ll love them!

Installation is a breeze; these seat covers slip over your existing factory seats and fasten underneath the seat with elastic straps and plastic hooks. You may adjust these straps as needed for a more custom look.

This package will include 2 high back bucket seat covers. These bucket seat covers will fit standard high-back bucket seats and standard low-back bucket seats with the adjustable head rest if you cover the head rest with the seat as one unit. This means that they will work for many types of vehicles. So whether you drive a SUV, Truck, or a Car, these seat covers could be the ones for you!

The material used on these seat covers is very durable. So you may machine wash them in cold water and drip-dry them if they become soiled.

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