Butterfly Floral High Back Bucket Seat Covers


This day flying attraction Butterfly with floral printed seat covers is sure to get your attention. This dazzling butterfly floral print seat covers are sure to cheer up your seats and all who ride with. Butterflies with their brightly colored wings and their erratic yet graceful flight are sure to make you pick up butterfly watching as a hobby. The fabric for these seat covers is a soft quilted velour with ľ padding. these seat covers offer a full backside made from stretchy complimenting polyester material that will allow them to conform more readily to your seatís shape.

Included in this package is 2 high back bucket style Butterfly with floral print seat covers. These bucket seat covers will fit standard high-back seats and standard low-back seats with the adjustable head rest if you cover the head rest with the seat as one unit. This means that they will work for many types of vehicles. So whether you drive an SUV, Truck, or a Car, these Butterfly seat covers could be the ones for you!

These Butterfly with floral print seat covers are durable, so if they do become dirty you may machine-wash them in cold water and drip them dry.

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